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Our mobile phone repair course covers:

• Theory

• Practical

• Additional Practice

At Institute, the syllabus for mobile phone repair course is divided into 5 modules. The program covers all the topics that are necessary to learn for repairing and servicing mobile phones.

BASIC ELECTRONICS                        

a. What is Electronics

b. Types Of Material

c. Charge

d. Voltage

e. Ampere & Watt

f. Type Of Current

g. Different Between AC & DC 

h. Type Of Filter

i. Multimeter

j.   Resistor

k. Capacitor

l.  Coil


n. Diode

o. Transistor(BJT,JFET,and MOSFET)

p. IC (Integrated Circuit)

q. Crystal

r. Block Digram


a. History Of Telephone

b. First Mobile Phone

c. Generation of Mobile Phone

d. Subscriber, Service Provider

e. Frequency & Channel


g. GPRS,GPS,BlueTooth,Edge&Wi-Fi

h. User Lock,SIM Lock & Country Lock (SP)

Chip Level ( Practical)                  

a. Use Of Iron &  Type Of Iron

b. Display Jumper

c. Components Jumper

d. Use Of SMD Machine

e. Components Soldering &Disordering

f. Components Soldering &Disordering

connector Soldering & disordering (All Type)

h. How To Remove Pin IC

i. IC Reballing

j.How To remove Ball IC & Mount Ball IC

k. How To Make Track In PCB

l. How To Use DC Power Supply

m. Type Of DC Power Supply

n. Assembling & Dissembling Of Mobile Phone

o. Assembling & Dissembling Of Mobile Phone

TRACING(Finding Finding)

a. On/Off Switch


c. Antenna Switch

d. BPF (Band Pass Filter)

e. Circuit Diagram Reading

f. Track Identification

g. IC Different Name

h. Section Of Mobile Phone ( Block Diagram)

i. Type Of Charging Jack

Circuit Tracing (Fault find Out)

Charging Section Problem

i. USB Section

ii. SIM Section

iii. Display Section

iv. Back Light Section

v. Data Section

vi. Touch Screen Section & Type Of Touch

vii. Flash Light Section

Audio Section

i. Ringer Problem

ii. Speaker Problem

iii. Headphone Problem

iv. Universal Mic,Digital Mic & Crystal Mic

v. Vibrator Problem

vi. Camera Section

vii. Memory Section

viii. Network Section

ix. Wi-fi Section

x. GPS Section

xi. Dead Problem

a. OK Condition

b. Open Condition

c. Half Shorting & full Shorting

d. Primary Shorting & Secondary Shorting

1. How To Use Pre Heater

2. How To Use Ultra Sonic machine

3. How To Use CRO ( cathode Ray Ocsilloscope)

Software Repair

Software problems are some of the most common ones faced by Smartphone users. Sometimes, a software problem can lead to hardware abnormalities as well. This module will teach you how to perform various software repairing techniques.

• Detailed study of various faults arising due to corrupt software.

• Introduction of various flasher boxes and software.

• Flashing of various brands of handsets.

• Removing virus from infected phones.

• Unlocking of handsets through codes and/or software.

• Use of various secret codes.

Display Repair

1.  How to remove combo from frame.

2.  How to Remove broken glass by separator.

3.  How to Remove different type of glue from LCD.

(apple,samsung,mi, oppo).

4.   How to repair poloriser film.

5.   How to change poloriser film.

6.   Types of poloriser.

7.   How to use automatic separator.

8.   How to change/repair back light.

9.   How to use Mold & Mold set.

10. How to use Iphone frame cutter.

11. Explain about glue remover machine.

12. Explain about different type of OCA.

13. Explain about all type of chemicals.

14. how to use Blade Iron.

15. how to use advance tools.

16. How to use differentIN cutting wire.

17. OCA machine function & trainng


 (Additional Learning)

To be a successful mobile phone repair technician, one needs to know more than just the technical aspects of fixing a phone. This module aims to teach some additional topics to help you become a better mobile phone repair engineer.

• Clearing of all previous doubts

• Guidance to start and manage your own mobile repair center.

• Guidance to successfully work as a technician.

• Procuring tools, spare parts and accessories.

• Dealing with customers and distributors.

• Marketing your mobile phone repair business

We also teach our students various tips, tricks and trade secrets which are unknown to many technicians. This will help you in your all-round development and make you a professional mobile phone repair technician.

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